• Developers of pocket, hand held, and portable instruments and systems.

  • Wireless / r.f. communications a specialty - D.C. and up.

  • Turnkey solutions to your measurement and data acquisition needs.

  • See the RC Channel Analyzer as an example of one of our pocket instrument designs (approx. 833K, portions reprinted from Flying Models magazine).

  • Airborne Data Acquisition and Display Systems.

  • Aircraft Tracking Systems using simultaneous data and voice communications.

  • Aircraft Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis.

  • Avionics Systems Engineering.

  • Satellite Orbit Determination and Prediction.

  • Communication Systems Engineering.

  • AeroSpectra also has a light twin engine aircraft which provides the capability for the development of airborne remote and in situ sensing systems such as ground imagery, magnetic mapping, atmospheric dynamics, and atmospheric sampling.

AeroSpectra Inc.
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Boulder, CO 80307

Tel/Fax: 303-499-2584
E-mail: Dr.Jim@AeroSpectra.Com

New Book in Preparation

A Cognitive Avionics System
with an
Embedded Conversational Agent

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